Law & Litigation Programs

For companies outside the United States, we provide educational seminars and training programs regarding U.S. litigation. This will allow your staff to be better prepared to manage and control litigation in the U.S. where the rules can sometimes be daunting.

  • "How did I end up in a U.S. Court and Do I Have to Stay Here?" Understanding the basics of U.S. Jurisdiction and Possible Jurisdictional Defenses
  • "I have to disclose what?!!" Navigating Your Way Through the U.S. Rules of Discovery in Civil Litigation
  • "Social Media as Evidence in Civil Litigation"
  • "How the U.S. Jury System Works"
  • "What are Punitive Damages and How Are They Assessed?"
  • "Avoiding Piercing Corporate Veil Issues" Maintaining Corporate Integrity
  • "Does your Insurance Coverage protect you regarding litigation in the U.S.?"

Kelleher Global Legal Support offers educational and training programs to assist you in understanding the U.S. litigation system. This knowledge is invaluable in assessing and managing risk.