Case Management

Litigation involving foreign corporations is often venued in U.S. Federal courts. Federal courts permit broad discovery of information relevant to the dispute. The information disclosed need not itself be admissible evidence. Rather, anything “reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence” must be disclosed.

Additionally, since 2006, Federal Courts include electronic information in the scope of what is discoverable. This means that all word processing documents, spreadsheets, emails, audio and video data – including social media – maintained in electronic form throughout the corporation’s worldwide operation, are potentially discoverable.

KELLEHER GLOBAL LEGAL SUPPORT provides the following services to assist your business in successfully resolving disputes in U.S. courts:

  • Guidance regarding discovery rules and procedures
  • Guidance regarding conflicts between U.S. discovery rules and Home Country secrecy laws
  • Guidance regarding “litigation holds” and capturing all potentially relevant documents and e-data information
  • Document management services
  • Development of corporate e-discovery protocols and policies
  • Review of documents for assessment regarding disclosure (relevancy, applicable privileges etc.)

The sheer volume of documents and information that is potentially discoverable in U.S. civil litigation can be overwhelming to the foreign corporate defendant.